Top 10 dragon books that will transport you to the fantasy land

Whenever we think of dragons, plenty of books, movies, and series comes to our mind. Be it children or adults, almost all of us love these classic, adventurous literary pieces of dragons. They are gigantic, fearsome and the books written on them feel “larger than life.” A lot of emotions and fantasies are stirred up in these dragon books. 

This rich but cool literature of amazing dragons can anytime fix your crappy mood and transport you to unknown lands.

What is the best part?

Most of these characters never fail to win our hearts.

What are the best dragon books?

Dragons are the most popular characters you will ever come across in epic fantasy literature. They are fantastic and super cool, and most of us would like to befriend their characters in the dragon books unless they are too gigantic or scary. What is even the better part? 

These stories are all set up in unknown lands that we know nothing about and seem mysterious to us. These novels spark our imagination, and you actually “live” the stories. No matter how conventional or fresh the plots are, there is something to always romanticize about in these novels. Read on our recommendations and choose your favorites. 

  1. Tea with the Black Dragon
Tea with the Black Dragon
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Are you a huge fan of the classics when it comes to fantasy dragon novels? This book is your perfect match. It’s a love story between a girl and a boy where the boy turns out to be a dragon. The plot revolves around a woman, Martha, whose daughter Elizabeth runs into some trouble in the unknown city of San Francisco. Martha somehow manages to reach the city and takes help from an unknown stranger, Mr. Mayland Long. 

He is the only person who seems to know anything about where her daughter, Elizabeth, is. Do you know the most interesting part of this novel? Mr. Long has the power to transform into a dragon! And the even better part is that Martha slowly begins to develop feelings for him. The story has plenty of subplots and twists and will keep you engaged throughout.

Fun Fact: 

This book was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1983, the Hugo Award in 1984, and found a place in David Pringle’s Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels.

  1. Three hearts and three lions
Three hearts and three lions
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Want to get transported right into the world of fantasy sitting on your sofa? In this book, author Poul Anderson does this to the protagonist. The story is about a resistance fighter, Holger Carlsten, who fights in World War II against the Nazis. There are major plot twists when he suddenly finds himself transported to a completely different world after a severe injury in the war. This story’s backdrop is in a Medieval setting, which makes the book feel far more authentic. Here, he fights as a leader of the Forces of Law against Chaos. 

The book will give you the most realistic experience of a fantasy world. You will be thrilled by the visuals of ghostly monsters that dominate the land, deadly werewolves, trolls, faeries, and of course, gigantic dragons. The protagonist takes up arms and joins the brave knights where he is all ready to split apart the throats of scary, huge dragons and other ugly beasts. This book has some really vivid landscapes and powerful scenes that are not meant for weak hearts.

Fun fact: 

This was first published as a novella in 1953 and later expanded into a full novel in 1961. It is among the “educational and inspirational” reading listed in the famous Appendix N of Gary Gygax’s Dungeon Master’s Guide. 

  1. His Majesty’s Dragon
His Majesty's Dragon
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Do you find yourself fascinated and intrigued by the rich and classic world histories? Not as dull as it sounds! This book is, in fact, the most exciting and accurate documentary of the Napoleonic Wars with the most unique twist. Guess what? Yes, it is the dragons! Did you ever think of alternate history novels where the reality could be twisted? Sounds super interesting, though! Author Naomi Novik here tries to do precisely the same. She experiments by adding a thrilling element of dragons to the war background that swept away from Europe by using them as the main source of combat.

The protagonist, Captain Will Laurence, faces the shock of his life when he discovers an unhatched dragon egg. The dragon hatches out of the egg and gets imprinted on him. This book has a nerve-racking climax twist that will throw you off the edge. Laurence and his dragon, Temeraine joins the Aerial Corps to protect Britain from France’s dangerous dragon armies.

Fun Fact: 

This is the first novel ever written in the Temeraire alternate history/ fantasy series and won the 2007 Crompton Crook Award for best novel in the Science Fiction/ Fantasy. 

  1. The Great Zoo of China
The Great Zoo of China
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The majority of you are big-time fans of Jurassic Park, aren’t you? This book has been inspired from this movie itself but has only four dragons as characters. The plot is extremely catchy, and you will find yourself hooked to the book in no time. It is about China’s secret mission to hide the fact from the world that live dragons roam about freely in their country. But they finally decide to let out this grand secret to the world by creating the world’s first-ever dragon zoo.

 A group of V.I.Ps is brought for inspection of the zoo’s safety, and everything goes as expected, and the world gets to see them. Really, did you think the plot would be that simple? Get ready for a plot twist you could never imagine. This book is an action punched drama blockbuster that will throw you off your seats for all you action lovers. You will be thrilled and scared at the same time by the tons of action and destruction the dragons of the zoo create. Things will be in control no more! 

Fun Fact: 

The author says that he came up with this book’s idea by taking inspiration from a dragon museum in Switzerland, and he had imagined the book to be “a gleeful monster movie on paper.” 

  1. Tooth and Claw
Tooth and Claw
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Want to introspect into the reality of the dragon world? You would never expect such a shocking twist in dragon literature! Author Jo Walton in this book, allows us to peek into the world of dragons that includes politics, family, and relationships. Sounds interesting enough?

 Here, the author cleverly gives us a powerful social message of how the weak are always “eaten” by the strong in society, and every time the strong emerges as even more powerful. It doesn’t matter whether it is the world of humans or dragons.

Fun Fact: 

This book won the Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2004.  

  1. The Hero and the Crown
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Ever thought about the fact that you could come across the concept of “feminism” in dragon books? Why not! The story is about a powerful woman, Aerin, who has been rejected by her kingdom members socially because they believe she has evil powers and has emerged from a Witch. She decides to show off her ability to earn respect and, in turn, slays off the necks of all the dragons. 

But the climax of the plot will certainly blow away your mind. A knight, all of a sudden one day, rides into her castle and announces the return of Maur, a dangerous, gigantic dragon from ancient times. The dragon, Maur, is scary and as huge as a mountain and plans to destroy her Aerin’s entire kingdom as her revenge for his fellow dragons’ death. Arien is all set riding on her horse to fight Maur. You will be taken aback by the sheer action and thrill of this book.

Fun Fact: 

The heroine or the female protagonist of this book, “Aerin, the Dragon Killer,” was first introduced as a legendary character in “The Blue Sword.”  

  1. Dragonsbane
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Do you enjoy reading rich, classic adventures with a breathtaking climax and edgy fantasy? This book might then just be the right one for you. This is a story about a young prince who has to make an army of him, a retired dragon slayer, and a witch with defective powers.

 He journeys all the way to the decaying northland because the Mighty Black Dragon has seized the capital of Bel. The book stirs up the highest level of fantasies and keeps you guessing till the end. 

Fun Fact: 

This book was a Locus Award nominee in 1986 and 1987 

  1. Dragon Keeper
Dragon Keeper
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This is a tale of a sudden increase in dragons’ population in a world where the people are scared of them and despise them. But the dragons are the ones who can save these people. So a young boy starts his search for more dragon eggs to increase their population even more so that they can protect the land. He finally finds a couple of newly hatched baby dragons who are injured near a river. 

He then sets on a harrowing journey to return to his homeland with these baby dragons with no hope of return. This is one of the dragon books that will take you through a roller coaster ride of emotions. At the core, it is a story of bravery and hope and how reality is much different than what it appears to be.

Fun Fact: 

This book will soon be adapted into an animated feature film, produced by Atresmedia Cine and China Film Animation, and directed by Spanish director Ignacio Ferraras. 

  1. Earthsea
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This book by author Ursula K.Le Guin is a renowned piece of classic fantasy literature that has been critically acclaimed many times. Here the author paints an imaginary world name “Earthsea,” and the story has been set up in a distinct set of Archipelago islands. The protagonists are the people living here. 

Dragons are almost everything in this story. From monstrous contemporary dragons to sophisticated Eastern style dragons, this book has it all. If you are a classic dragon story lover, this book will be a treat for you. 

Fun Fact: 

Based on this book, a Japanese Fantasy film was produced in 2006 known as “Tales from Earthsea” animated by Studio Ghibli for the Nippon Television Network. The plotline, though, was a lot different than the book.

  1. The Hobbit
The Hobbit
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The obsession of most people with dragons and fantasy literature have started from this book itself. The story is about a Hobbit, Baggins, who leads a very peaceful life and suddenly is approached by wizard Gandalf and a dwarves group. Then, they all set themselves for a journey to the Middle East with a mission of stealing treasure from the lair of a fearsome dragon, Smaug, who lives in the Lonely Mountain. 

The best highlight of this book that you are bound to fall in love with is the character “Smaug,” which is the most developed character with layers in the entire novel. It doesn’t matter to which generation you belong; this classic adventure tale with its quirks and fantasies will never fail to warm your heart.  

Fun Fact: 

“Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was an adventure film directed by Peter Jackson in 2012 on the genre “epic high fantasy” and was an adaptation of this book and a prequel to Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. 

Best Dragon Books: Verdict

The plots of dragon books are always refreshing and allow us a bit of introspection. Epic fantasy novels always are a good mix of genres that we love, be it romance, drama, action, or thriller. The characters of these novels are profound, impactful, and they speak to us.

Most of these novels also have a bit of social messaging in them and often metaphorically represent humans’ society in the view of dragons. There are only rare chances that you won’t be obsessed with finishing off our recommended books in no time.

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