10 Best Sensuous Wife Sharing Stories With A Feminist Tone

Why do we readers like reading wife sharing stories, something that isn’t socially acceptable? Maybe the answer is this itself. Many of our feelings, emotions, and passion, especially when it is a woman, are invalidated and not accepted by society. So maybe we look for some validation in these novels. We try to justify the emotions we feel are immoral in this wife sharing stories. 

There is a notion in our society that only the males can have wild sexual desires and fantasies, whereas the females are supposed to be more demure. 

These feminist writers challenge this very notion and express through their stories the fact that women too, can have sexual longings, and it doesn’t make them immoral. These novels promote the idea of gender equality and women empowerment in very subtle yet impactful ways.

What are the best wife sharing stories?

Wife sharing stories have a strong feminist tone and non-apologetically talk about female sexuality, which is an extremely taboo subject in our society. Emotions like longing, guilt, shame, transgression, ecstasy are beautifully talked about without any bias. 

Also, not all plots are about the sexual desires of women alone. The stories are also about the notion of perceiving women as a failure if their husbands have any relationship outside the marriage. 

Should a woman suddenly become non-valid and nonexistent if her husband abandons her? Should a woman judge her worth by the parameter of how much her partners love her? These are some very important questions that are raised in this novel. 

In our society, no woman dares to speak either the sexual coercion or the lack of sexual pleasures in her marriage. Because not doubt it offends our patriarchal system and the tiny male ego. But these feminist pieces of writings dares to do so. Read on to know some of our best recommendations.

Best Wife Sharing Story Books With Reviews:

  1. Light Years
Light Years
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This novel doesn’t end at the concepts of marriage and Infidelity but goes much beyond. Salter is known for her sophisticated writing on topics like illicit sex. The story is about Nedra and Viri Berland, who has a “perfect marriage” and raise “a perfect family.” But in terms of personal life, their bond is collapsing. 

Salter beautifully pens down how the marriage of this couple was gradually coming to an end. But what makes this one different from any other novels of cheating that the couple accepts the fact that they still love each other. The book embodies the fact that love is most important, and their infidelities don’t void their love for each other. This basic understanding is the beauty of the novel.

Fun Fact:

The author of this book has won the 2014 Fitzgerald Award for achievement in American Literature for this book and a few others.

  1. Written on the Body
Written on the Body
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The protagonist here is an unknown narrator whose name or gender isn’t introduced to us. The narrator passionately falls in love with a married woman, Louise. They have intimate sexual affairs until the narrator discovers from Lousie’s husband that she has leukemia. This book is deeper than most novels in this genre. 

It has a philosophical touch to it as well as an anatomical guide. The book is certainly not for the mass since it tries to break all stereotypes and cliches, quite unapologetically. The novel isn’t just based on the body’s raw physicality but tries to delve deeper into infidelities’ psychological aspect.

Fun Fact:

This book was simultaneously embraced by the lesbian feminist movement as a novel that made new contributions to sexual politics.

  1. What is Remembered
what is remembered book
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In this novel, we are taken deep into the mind of the narrator. In our society, we often tend to shame and despise the partner who cheats in a relationship, especially when it is a woman, and perceives her as an utter disgrace. But have you ever tried to think about what goes on in the mind of the woman who is involved in an extra-marital affair? 

The problem is, as a society, we judge too soon and never try to look at the other side of the coin. Here, the narrator Meriel tries to pen down “the incident” after 30 years of it actually happening. The incident where she had a one-night stand with a mere stranger. But the highlight of the book isn’t the event of the affair itself.

 It is the buildup of the situation that leads to it. The book tries to lead us into what goes on in the mind of Meriel after the incident. Meriel wonders whether she should tell her husband about it or not. This book delves into the more emotional and technical side of Infidelity. 

Fun Fact:

This book appears in the print edition of the February 19, 2001 issue of the New Yorker. It was also published in the collection Hateship, Courtship, Friendship, Loveship, and Marriage.

  1. The Days of Abandonment
The Days of Abandonment
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This is one of the most aesthetic novels out there in this genre. It deals with the concept of recognition of oneself. The story is basically narrated through the lens of a woman whose husband cheats her for a much younger woman. 

It has beautiful details throughout, and the scenes are powerless and unapologetically fearless. The narrative is subtle but is sure to create an impact. The horrific circumstances that surround the main plot are quite disturbing and mind shaking. The whole plot is gripping and makes you feel the devastating emptiness of the woman who has been abandoned by her husband and left with two young children to care for. The woman feels entrapped within the four walls of her home and feels like she has lost her identity and may never live a normal life ever again. 

Fun Fact: 

This novel received positive reviews and appreciation upon its release. Before the publication of the Neapolitan Novels, this was Ferrante’s most popular book in English. 

  1. We don’t live here anymore
We don't live here anymore
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This book is a merger of two short novellas based on the stories of two married couples, Jack and Terry Linhart and Hank and Edith Allison. The entire novel has three short stories. In the first story, one of the partners from one of the couples cheats with one of the other couple’s partners. In the second story, Edith can’t resist herself falling in love with a dying priest. And in the third story, Hank is divorced and gets too involved in self-pitying and, at the same time showing off his status and power.

 The book’s core lies in the contemplation that whether two separate persons can be married without losing their individualities. Apparently, the stories might seem love, infatuation, and shallow physical attraction, but it actually tries to convey much deeper thoughts to us.

Fun Fact:

This book was adapted as a film in 2004, which had the same title as the book and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

  1. The Man in the Wooden Hat
The Man in the Wooden Hat
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This is one of the wife sharing stories is the sequel to Gardam’s Old Filth. The narrator of the story is Filth’s wife, who feels suffocated in a marriage with no sexual intimacy. She channelizes all her passion and unfulfilled craving for a satisfying sexual life through her husband’s hardcore enemy, Terry Veneering, and his son Harry. 

She is confused about the conflicting emotions she feels for Harry, which contains both maternal and sexual love elements at the same time. The novel raises humanity’s biggest question before us through the narrator-What if we choose our feelings, emotions, and passion over conformity to conventionally accepted standards of behavior and morals set by society?

Fun Fact:

The author of this book was nominated for numerous literary awards, including the Whitbread Award twice.

  1. Stag’s leap 
Stag's leap
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This book is a heartfelt collection of short poetry that will melt your heart and choke you with tears. The poems are written from the perspective of a woman whose husband has fallen for another woman after 30 long years of their marriage. The words of the poetry are so stunning that it is difficult to put them in words here. It is a whole rollercoaster ride of emotions and might paralyze you with grief. 

“Even when it’s I who am escaped from, I am half on the side of the leaver.” The profoundness and depth of the lines are sure to strike a chord deep in your heart. The emotions are expressed so vulnerably and ruthlessly that you will be speechless even hours after reading this book.

Fun Fact:

This book was nominated for the Lamont Poetry Selection for 1983 and won the National Book Critics Circle Award.

  1. Dept of Speculation
Dept of Speculation
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This book’s protagonist is a woman who finds out that her husband is involved in an extra-marital affair. She is an individual passionate about Art and dreams about being an “art monster.” But she feels like as a married woman, she has failed. 

She feels acute pain in her heart that she is unable to express. Her emotions are all mixed up, and she cannot understand what she exactly feels. The entire range of human feelings of rage, 

fear, grief, frustration, and their complexity has been given an artistic touch in this novel.

Fun Fact: 

The author of this novel has taken its inspiration from Renata Alder’s speedboat and Elizabeth Hardwick’s “Sleepless Nights,” along with Rilke’s 1910 novel, “The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge.”

  1. Euphoria
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In literal history, this is one of the wife sharing stories with high intellect and sexual energy levels. It was a fiction piece on an anthropologist Margaret Mead’s life when she and her second husband, Reo Fortune, traveled to New Guinea. She discovered that Reo had a sexual affair with English anthropologist Gregory Bateson who was going to be the third husband of Margaret. 

The story is an interesting love triangle between these three. The plot is all heated and spiced up with clashes of egos and intellects and Meads’ cultural mapping tool. Within months, their first work will be published, but their love lives turn upside down, and their emotions of jealousy and rage become uncontrollable, which destroys their bonds, career, and ultimately lives. It is a modern classic, which distinguishes it from other adultery novels. 

Fun Fact:

This book won the Kirkus Award for Fiction 2014, the New England Book Award for Fiction 2014, and was a finalist in the National Book Critics Circle Awards. It was also named one of the 10 Best Books of 2014 by The New York Times Book Review.

  1. The First Day
The First Day
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This one is a debut novel of Harrison set in Belfast. A married Pastor, Samuel Orr falls in love with a Beckett scholar at Queen’s University, Anna, who is much younger than her. A passionate physical affair begins between them until Samuel discovers about the pregnancy of Anna.

The book has a Filmic intensity and scope. It tries to explore aspects of religion and sexuality. The Christian characters are portrayed as intelligent and intriguing and not mere caricatures.

Fun Fact:

Phil Harrison’s feature film, “The Good Man,” released in 2014, has taken inspiration from this novel.


Some of the most classic collections of really great literary work in this genre of wife sharing stories have tried to raise many sensitive issues that we generally do not talk about. Like an extra-marital relationship, whenever anything occurs in a marriage, two persons are just left confused and devastated and do not know how to communicate about it. But human sexual urges are common and should be discussed like any other normal subject. 

Does the entire foundation of marriage come crumbling down when one of the partners cheat in a relationship? Is having sexual desires outside a marriage to be seen as immoral? These are really delicate questions no one wants to talk about, but these authors certainly did. Pick up any of our recommendations to have a fresh perspective from the lens of the author.

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