10 Best Fantasy & Thrilling Vampire Books Of The Dark

Book lovers or not, almost none of us can resist steamy vampire stories. The plot twists are extreme and the idea itself that the reality might be very different than what it appears to attract us towards these stories. Be it sensuous romance or some high school drama, we don’t mind either. 

Why are the teens and the youth so obsessed with the vampire books?

The reason is the vampires themselves. They are smart, good looking and sensuous characters. We are naturally more attracted to them than we will be to human characters ever. 

They have a sense of dark, intimidating mystery in them, which draws us towards these stories. A soapy, romantic tale but with monsters and violence. Who won’t be obsessed with such novels? Vampires are the fad that really never gets old. They never seem to really go out of style in literature and art!

What are the best vampire novels?

Do you think our pop culture has changed a lot? Well, at least not when it comes to our obsession with vampires. Vampire books have stories that are powerful yet “feel good.” A tub of popcorn and a vampirish story packed with thriller and drama is all we need to make our Sundays worth it. 

Pick up any vampire book, and most all of them seem to be perfect for your date.

Our fantasies around the vampires seem to be never-ending, and we find ourselves falling for them all over again. Rarely, you would find a mix of so many genres in books with human characters. Steamy romance, action-packed thriller, high school drama- nothing seems to be off the list. Read on our perfect ten recommendations for your weekend binge read.

10 Best Vampire Books With Reviews:

  1. The Fell of Dark
The Fell of Dark
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If you are a fangirl or fanboy of the supernatural drama, this one is certainly your cup of tea. August, the protagonist of the story hates living in Fulton Heights or The Vampire Town. The town seems to be filled with spiritual mysteries and supernatural forces. Jude Marlowe, a jaw-droppingly sensuous and hot vampire boy, arrives in town, but with a cryptic warning. 

August is the only one who has the capabilities to fight this ancient and dreadful power to return to bestow its spell on earth. The author Roehrig has a great grip on thrillers, especially when it comes to Vampire stories. His vampires are fresh and have layers in their character. If fantasies and paranormal romances seem to excite you, this book is something you should keep close.

Fun Fact: 

This book inspired the television series, Buffy the vampire slayer.

  1. Certain Dark Things
Certain Dark Things
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A lonely, garbage-collecting street kid, Domingo somehow manages a living for himself. His life is turned upside down when a jaded vampire runs into his life. The vampire Atl is a descendant of Aztec blood drinkers, and his only way to survive is to feast on young blood. Domingo’s blood can help the vampire survive.

 The vampire is the main protagonist of this story and has been beautifully written.

She is smart and gorgeous but a dangerous vampire. Her rival narco-vampire clan pursues her, and so she decides to run away to South America. Domingo falls deeply in love with the vampire. Atl, as well gradually finds herself falling for Domingo’s good nature and oozing charm. The drama doesn’t end here! You will fall off the seat by the theme that furthers the plot. 

Ana is a cop and she one by one discovers a line of corpses and soon becomes a part of the vampire gang rivalries. Wait till the nerve-wracking thriller drama in the dark streets of Mexico City where action sequences of vampires, humans, gangsters and cops give you goosebumps. Will Atl and Domingo be able to save themselves and their love?

Fun fact:

This book won the World Fantasy Award for The Best Anthology in 2016

  1. Interview with the Vixen
Interview with the Vixen
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Most of you are obsessed with the popular show Riverdale and can’t get enough of high school dramas. But ever thought about a vampire twist to it? The Archie Horror Comics’ universe is reimagined here with a paranormal punch. Something really strange has happened in the town of Riverdale. The sophisticated Veronica Lodge’s “perfect” life is not so perfect anymore when an ancient vampire, Ivan bite her. 

Ivan wants to turn as many people as possible in Riverdale into vampires and kill the rest. Ivon, along with the other vampire, starts executing the plan. The only way Veronica can save the people of the town and turn them into normal humans is by killing the master vampire before her bloodlust overpowers her. Will she be able to protect the town?

Fun Fact: 

This novel has taken its inspiration from the popular Archie’s comics.

  1. Fake blood
Fake blood
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The New School Year has just started, and AJ’s life is still as boring and spiceless as it was in the last summer. Nothing has changed, and he hasn’t been a part of anything adventurous since eternity. His life is so bland that even his crushes have remained the same throughout these years. AJ feels he needs to do some adventure at least and tries to woo Nia. 

But the plain, vanilla AJ can never seem to impress her because she’s totally obsessed with vampires. Nia and AJ are part of the same group project, and AJ finally decides to win her heart by dressing up as a vampire with fake blood and vampire. And guess what? He wins even more attention from her than he ever wanted. 

But things are not as smooth as they seem to be! Soon he discovers that Nia’s obsession with vampires is not crushing on them but killing them. This one is a hilarious graphic novel that will never lose its charm. Will AJ be able to save himself and the people he loves from the life-threatening danger that lurks in the school?

Fun Fact: 

The idea of the plot came rushing to the novelist when she was walking through the art gallery with her friend.

  1. Better off Red
Better off Red
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Want to dive into the spiciness of some hot and steamy romance of vampire books? All that college freshman, Ginger Carmichael is her grades and reputation. But the devouring confidence and unapologetic sensuousness of the Alpha Beta Omega girls draws her towards them. But is it just a pledge of the sisterhood she enters into? 

In reality, it is much more than that-a lifelong pact to serve six bloodthirsty vampires. She also finds herself obsessed with the charm of vampire queen Camila despite being scared of her. Your popcorn might just spill over with such high intensity of drama! Will she be able to protect her family from the secret of her forbidden love?.

Fun Fact:

This book’s sequel is soon to be produced as a series that will be called “bloodthirsty.”

  1. Buffy- the Vampire Slayer
Buffy- the Vampire Slayer
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If you are a fan of edgy drama, there’s no reason you shouldn’t like this book. Nina was brought up at the Watcher’s Academy where she was trained her entire life to be the guide of vampire slayers. A series of events occur in which her father dies, and she is eventually the only last slayer left in the town.

 Multi-talented author, Joss Whedon has successfully captured all your favourite moments and characters in the Bluffy Television Series. The artwork is fresh and original. Will she pass in the test of her power when the bodies finally turn up?

Fun Fact: 

This book was adapted into Netflix’s famous show called by the same name.

  1. Tantalize
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Do you enjoy stories of love and affection between a human and a vampire? Kieren is a hybrid werewolf who has to become a part of the urban Wolf pack. He will have to leave his family, school and even his human best friend, Quincie behind who is now more than a friend to him. For years he has controlled his desires. But when the chef at Quincie’s family is brutally murdered, he decides to be there for her. 

Quinicie’s loved restaurant is turning into a vampire lair, and the new chef tries to win her affection. This one is a vivid graphic edition with a dynamic cinematic sequel. Are you obsessed with dark fantasies of vampire books? Then, this book from the lens of a wolf will certainly blow away your mind.

Fun Fact:

This was New York’s Best Selling Novel that made massive numbers after it’s a release.

  1. The Afterlife of the Parties
The Afterlife of the Parties
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Are parties all about the glitter and glamour? Certainly not this one. Tansy would rather prefer to stay home with her librarian witch granny and spend time in her library than going to some “stupid party.” But her BFF, Skyler somehow forces her to go to the party where she receives the shock of her life, perhaps the last party she will ever go to. 

The band at the party might be pathetic, but the vampirish lead singer biting her and stealing away her best friend was far worse. She turns into a vampire and with the help of her other best friend, Vaughn she is all set for a mission to take down the band. 

Get ready to get swept away by the gripping thrill and mind-boggling drama. Will she be able to flee from there alive with her best friends?

Fun Fact:

Marlene Perez, the writer of this book, is the author of paranormal and urban fantasy books, including the best-selling DEAD IS series for teens

  1. Vampires Never Get Old
Vampires Never Get Old
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Your obsession with vampires will finally find it’s a destination with this book. It is an incredible anthology of short stories that successfully brings vamps to life. You will find interesting stories of lurking social media vampires, rebellious hungry vampires, breathtaking and powerful vampires, iconic and bold vamp characters, dreamy and eerie creatures of the night. 

You will find yourself crushing throughout the novel, just like the blogger vampire of this story crushes on a monster hunter.

Fun Fact: 

In 2018, it was announced that a series on this anthology of fantasy novels would be produced very soon.

  1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
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Young Lincoln discovers that a vampire killed his mother. So he decides to study the vampires with all the strength of his mind and body to know their weaknesses so that he can seek revenge. He has been applauded for saving millions of slaves from the dark shadows.

 In this book, his real life and the history behind the civil war has been unearthed. You will be intrigued towards how vampires had a role in the birth, growth and death of the nation. The author, Grahame smith, here intersperses real-world events with this fictionalized account of Lincoln. 

The book tries to cover Lincoln’s entire life, along with his secret vampire hunter journals. If you have any interest in rich, classic world history, this book is for you.

Fun Fact:

20th Century Fox produced a film adaptation of this book in 2012 where Benjamin Walker was starred as Abraham Lincoln.

Final Verdict:

The best of vampire books have stories that are nothing close to ordinary, most complex plot twists and an unimaginable climax. The characters are twisted, and their dynamics are very heated up. You would find yourself hooked to the book in very little time. They are edgy and explore out of the box themes.

Vampires have always been our monsters of choice. They are charming, elegant and downright sexy.

There is a lot to explore when it comes to vampire literature. They are not just some mere “bloody bloodsucker’s” story of love and revenge. They are a lot more, and it needs great taste to understand this fact.

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