10 Lego Books Recommendations To Help You Build Your First Project

Lego can be a fun activity, not just for the kiddos. They are great escapes and recreation for adults as well. Want to declutter and de-stress yourself from the daily hustle-bustle of life? Just give in to the simple pleasure and joy of getting disconnected from client meetings at times.

Focus on connecting lego bricks for building some really interesting and fascinating structures. Do you think your childhood days are gone so you can’t discover the simple joys of life anymore?

You’re mistaken. Every adult has a kid in them who still enjoys silly, fun activities like building lego architecture.

 Did you know Lego is actually a legit popular art form and has its own adult fan club as well? Everyone needs their happy, “self-care” space where they can unwind and be themselves. What can be a better option than exploring your fun, creative side, along with practicing some mindfulness?

What are the best lego books?

The best lego books are going to inspire you and bring out the hidden creative artist in you. None of us are boring! We all have a fun and playful, creative side that either we hide or forget exploring in our busy lives. In these lego books, you will see the kind of amazing lego art that exists made out of something as simple as lego bricks or other unusual stuff. 

The giant monuments, fascinating city and urban landscapes, cool spaceships, and many other creative designs will spark your imagination and fuel your creativity like never before. Are you just starting out and have completely zero ideas about how to begin your first lego project? No worries! 

Most of our recommended lego books are perfectly suited for beginners with plenty of illustrations, tricks, and techniques. Are you afraid that you might get stuck in the middle of your first project? These books have detailed instructions, and chances are very rare. So what are you waiting for? Read on our recommendations and see what suits you best.

Best Lego Books With Reviews:

  1. Beautiful Lego
Beautiful Lego
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Do you think Lego is just for kids? Sorry for bursting your bubble, but you are wrong. Many amazing adult lego artists out there who can really bring some fresh creativity into the lego art form. If you want to develop an interest in Lego, the first thing you should do is to get inspired by the master-crafted lego creations from across the world.

The book celebrates the most stunning lego creations by a brilliant adult artist from around the globe. All the pages are vibrant and colorful, which brings each of the artwork into life. The beautiful brick-art designs are replicas full of life. Some of them have crafted iconic monuments and detailed spaceships, while others went for mythological creatures.

Fun fact:

In this book, Mike Doyle has curated more than 200 pages of the world’s best Lego art. From museum sculpture to Greek references, this book has it all. 

  1. The Lego Architecture Idea book
The Lego Architecture Idea book
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Are you interested in creating your own gorgeous lego buildings with details? Probably you will need your go-to guide that comes handy every time you are looking for some inspiration. If you belong to the adult lego fan club and have a major interest in brick architecture, this book is your perfect pick. It tries to explain all the vast concepts that you need to understand before constructing your own lego artwork by breaking them down into small parts.

Do you know the best part about learning lego architecture from this book? It has great visual illustrations along with text so that you don’t find it boring. The author Alice Finch is one of the world-renowned lego architects, and numerous big publication houses have featured her work.

Fun fact:

This book has some really interesting models that use croissants, snakes, and goblets to decorate unique architecture.

  1. How to build easy creations with LEGO bricks
How to build easy creations with LEGO bricks
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Are you a complete newbie in the lego world and currently just exploring stuff? You won’t find a better beginner’s guide for adult lego creation. For learning any new art form, you need to start with the basics. Once you have the core concepts and understand all the techniques, it all becomes a child’s play. This book, with its 208 pages, exactly tries to do that. 

Do you know the most unique part of this book? To make your learning easy and a better experience, it has QR codes that can be scanned to enjoy and learn from additional free training videos. The author Francesco Frangioja is also a trained teacher in “LEGO SERIOUS PLAY,” which is a specialized technique to teach Lego to adults. Do you still think anything else in the world can guide you better? 

Fun fact:

Lego fanatics will go crazy over this book since there is some really cool stuff like lego dragons and fireballs.

  1. Just Brick It: Over 20 Projects for Adult Fans of Lego
Just Brick It: Over 20 Projects for Adult Fans of Lego
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Can’t make out anything about books and guides that simply leave you in the dark with some loose tips and tricks here and there? This book is your savior. It has step-by-step instructions that guide you from the first step of building your Lego all the way to the very end. The book contains the guide to a total of 20 lego projects. All the projects are stunning and fun, be it festive decorations or art and design ideas. 

You will fall in love with the playful and breezy writing style that will grip your attention throughout. The book’s style is both funny and instructional, which makes it the best book for parents who want to spend quality time with their kids by building lego projects. It has an ideal balance between being tough and easy, which makes it fun for both kids and adults.

Fun fact:

The author of this book, David Scarfe, is a Sunday Times bestselling author and co-creator and designer of Channel 4’s critically acclaimed cartoon Full English.

  1. Lego Space: Building The Future
Lego Space: Building The Future
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Are you a space buff and obsessed with stuff like galaxies and stars? If so, this book is literally the best one you will ever buy. Guide books simply with instructions might turn boring after a time and also does not help your imagination. Want some fun background story that can make Lego learning more interesting? 

This book will surprise you with a sci-fi story about human exploration of space that has been merged very cleverly with practical LEGO building tips. Sounds cool, right? You cannot just stop crushing over how all the space characters, stations have been brilliantly designed and themed. If you have been a true Lego fan since the ’80s or 90’s this classic Lego space book will amaze you.

Fun fact:

Peter Reid, writer of this book, has been a fan of LEGO since childhood. He is a contributor to The LEGO PlayBook, and he has attended design workshops with the LEGO Group in Billund.

  1. The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book 
The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book
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The author Yoshihito Isogawa has written some amazing stuff in the LEGO space, but this is a heaven for beginners. The entire book has very clear instructions with illustrations. The book starts with basic building principles and gradually moves towards complex mechanics. 

Are you an adult lego fan who is trying to master technic build customized lego machines from scratch? Look no further! This detailed instruction book will make it all easy-breezy, and you will gradually find yourself more accustomed to various gears, gadgets, motors, and other parts.

Fun fact:

Yoshihito Isogawa, author of this book, regularly holds LEGO workshops, lectures at schools and science museums and creates LEGO models for events and exhibitions. He is the author of the popular LEGO Technic Idea Book series and other Japanese-language LEGO titles.

  1. The Lego Neighbourhood Book: Build Your Own Town
The Lego Neighbourhood Book: Build Your Own Town
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Are you an adult lego addict who is obsessed with building massive lego cities and towns? This book has all the details you will ever need to create artistic Lego projects. You will learn how to design their interiors and exteriors and add a brilliance of finishing touches, maybe traffic or greenery, to make it look even more visually appealing. 

Modular building units are the specialty of this book, and there are plenty of tips and step-by-step instructions with colorful graphics to make your learning a fun process. Do you know what the best part of this book is? You will learn how to pay more attention to tiny details in the lego building landscapes that can transform ordinary into extraordinary.

Fun Fact:

Brian Lyles, the author of this book, is a professional videographer at Brick City Depot, where he assists over 50 detailed LEGO building instructions.

  1. Lego Awesome Ideas
Lego Awesome Ideas
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Are you someone who loves exploring creative stuff and doesn’t enjoy sticking to a single theme? This book is for you. It doesn’t force you to stick to a particular build theme but rather allows you to explore a great variety of Lego ideas. How about putting together a cute Lego banana or a mini tree house or a creative steam train? 

The ideas are diverse and will fuel your creativity further so that you can easily imagine amazing collections of your own. Don’t be boring or classic! Have fun with new ideas and beautiful creative imaginations that make you happy. This is exactly the principle the book follows.

Fun fact:

Themed around the worlds from The LEGO Movie, you’ll find ideas from outer space, the Wild West, a modern metropolis, and much more in this book.

  1. The Art of Lego Design: Creative Ways to Build Amazing Models
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Do you know how the most impressive Lego models are built? It takes a lot of planning, a little inspiration, and plenty of imagination and creativity. Coupled with some tried and tested techniques, any basic LEGO piece can be transformed into a masterpiece. The author Jordan Schwartz explores a wide range of creative techniques that will inspire you to build your own artistic models. He sees Lego as a beautiful art form, and the book helps you get into the minds of some of the world-famous lego builders.

 The collection is huge and really attractive, starting from royal dragons, futuristic spaceships to fun characters, and massive dioramas. All of these will allow your imagination to fly. The book covers interviews of many talented builders who reveal their techniques and creative process. Whether you want to create life-like creatures from unusual pieces and sleek design cars or add ambiance to dioramas and craft attractive texture for creating roads and brick walls out of cobblestone, you will learn here all.

Fun fact:

Award-winning LEGO builder Jordan Schwartz who is the author of this book, has his original models featured in several books, including Beautiful LEGO and A Million Little Bricks

  1. Brick City: Global Icons to Make from LEGO
Brick City: Global Icons to Make from LEGO
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Are you interested in travel as well as architecture? Brick City is a celebration of modern builders that brings together inspirations from around the world. Author Warren Elsmore has included here specific instructions for all the global iconic buildings with a very special place in every builder’s heart. It has monuments worldwide, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Rome’s Colosseum, A London Taxicab, Buckingham Palace, and many more. 

The 250 pages contain some vivid photos and scale drawings of building guides to guide armatures. You will find more than 400 illustrations, both color and black and white, with an excellent layout. It has the widest collection of contemporary urban landscapes that will blow away your mind with sheer creativity.

Fun fact:

Warren Elsmore, the author of the book, has worked with several commercial companies in the UK, building plastic models to help them visualize their conceptions. His most famous work is his 13 1/2-foot-long LEGO model of London’s famous St. Pancras railroad station.

Final Verdict:

You don’t have to be some super creative and imaginative person or a great artist to build lego artwork. It’s meant for simple fun and refreshment! Instead of bingeing on Netflix in your free time or stalking social media, you can use that time in a better, productive way that can also be relaxing. Lego building is really refreshing to the mind and can soothe your brain like no other activity. 

Stuck in a creative block for your next client project or can’t focus at work? All you need is a creative break. Once you read through these books, you will automatically have all your building concepts crystal clear, and you will specifically know how to go about it. Don’t procrastinate! Just pick up any 2-3 books from our recommendations, whichever you prefer, and get going.

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